Cannabis Businesses

Why GamePath?

Your business is hyper-local, tightly-regulated, and highly-competitive. Get in front of adults in the market for your medical, adult-use, and CBD products, accessories, and services at the moments they’re ready to buy.

Get access to qualified cannabis customers in legal markets nationwide every month. All campaigns comply comply with local regulations and guidelines in each one. All are targeted to customers in your location and interest in your offering.

Drive Retail Customers | Drive Delivery Customers

GamePath works with the ordering, marketing, and customer loyalty systems you’re using today. You’ll get started with minimal asks of your team’s time and attention. Each campaign gives you detailed performance and actionable insights to improve conversions of your current advertising, editorial, and marketing activities.

Have your first campaign running in days. Performance details start flowing immediately once Live. Get in touch to see GamePath working for your business.

Drive Retail Customers

Your business wants to win customers’ attention during their commute, on their way to a show, or running around on the weekend. GamePath reaches adults in your market where they work, play, and live at the moments they’re ready to stop in and buy.

Drive Delivery Customers

Your delivery service extends the dispensary experience you’ve created. GamePath reaches adults in your market planning their night out or night in and works with your order, marketing, and customer loyalty systems to smooth paths to purchase. By the time customers reach your cart, they’re ready to say “Bring me this, please.”

Get Added to Orders

Make your brand the motivation for deliveries and dispensary visits. Create direct relationships with your customers. Brands who move products make their retail and distribution partners happy. Sexy sales numbers get the attention from new retailers and distributors

Drive ecommerce

Your CBD product’s going national. Distinguish yourself from the crowd. Tout your benefits to health, wellness, and beauty customers in markets nation-wide.

Get your fine-crafted vaporizers and glassware in front of customers at the moments they’re ready to purchase.